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We have more than 25 years’ experience in supplying Pneumatic Products, Motion Control Components, Systems, Actuators & Antistatic Equipment.


Specialist in Proportional Controls
From Vacuum to 70 bar
Market Leader in Medical Applications
Catheter Forming
Stent Coating
Stent Crimping
Burst Test
Leak Test
System Integration
Problem Solving, etc...

Proportionair Ltd is synonymous with first-class products from major companies, such as SPECKEN-DRUMAG (RIBA proportional regulators), ControlAir, AiRTX, Automatic Valve, and Equilibar. We are able to offer our expertise in designing customer specific systems and solutions, using an extensive range of items, which meet stringent manufacturing quality and safety standards. Our technical expertise is a major feature of our company.

We are proud of our reputation and always strive to offer optimum solutions for client applications.

The solution provider for your business.
Our ambition is to establish long and close partnerships with customers and suppliers. We are working to be a valuable resource in our customers’ development. We ask questions and are focused to understand the process, to enable us to offer the best possible solutions

Synergy with our customers and suppliers.
The platform is ”state of the art” technology, from the top suppliers in the industrial and technological world. Our highly technically trained people make Proportionair Ltd the ideal partner to provide complete solutions to the customer’s needs, in R&D, manufacturing, process or quality control.

University & Education
We actively strive to establish long and close partnerships with Universities and Educational establishments to help generate innovation. We work to inform and educate, using the latest technology available on the market. We hope to facilitate working relationships between Companies and Universities to help develop new processes, solutions and products.

To discuss our extensive range of products and systems, or your application, contact us on: sales@proportionair.eu